Dr.Isatou Touray's Political Rally.

I am wishing our campaign team on the ground all the best with another historic event , the first ever political rally of Dr.Isatou Touray as an independent Presidential candidate for The Gambia.I believe in Dr.Isatou and her abilities to lead a coalition government & defeat the ruling APRC government.(A coalition is the way forward! Unity beyond partisan lines! Together for a better and free Gambia)





Independent Presidential Candidate For The 2016 Presidential Election

The Gambia is at a critical crossroad. For 22 years our motherland and her people endured the greatest pain, uncertainty and loss in their lives never experienced before since independence. Not only do our people live in fear and constant violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms, but also Gambians continue to be disempowered READ MORE

Highlights of STHLM CULTURAL WEEK 2016

So far.....


Gibou Ngum Adda Ak Chossand)

Gibou Ngum in his show Adda ak Chossan on Lamawood and Kibaaro Television explores and demystifies Africas diverse traditions and cultures by talking to Musicians and members of the community in a charming and respectfull way.Gibou Ngum also offers great advice on key Social issues on problems in the dIaspora and on the African Continent. Join Gibou On Addou Ak Chossan only on Lamawood Kibaaro Television. Subscribe to see more of our Programs.

Drammens Tidende

Thank you Camilla Øvrebø Ondrckova for taking the time to acknowledge our Work @ Iac Norway And on the MAMOS TV Media Platform. A full two sides on today's Norwegian Newspaper Drammens Tidende!Available Also On the Internet.✨💫💫💫💫💫💫#NENEH# #PRODUCER LAMIN MARONG#


The Haute Couture for #Seasontwo2016# of NENEH on the MAMOS MEDIA PLATFORM is sponsored/designed & sewn by The Fashion House of Kilimane Couture.

We @ #TeamNENEH@MAMOSTV# are grateful for this new major sponsorship deal and look forward to working with the designer Baye Diakoumpha of Kilimane Couture. His Haute Couture Collection shown on TFM can be viewed on YouTube under Baye Diakoumpha or @ www.mamostv.com

NENEH is also Sponsored by RIA

Killimane Couture is one of the most talented Fashion Designer in the Diaspora. Killimane Couture become a real force in the fashion industry -- not just snapping up front row seats at fashion shows, but landing major campaigns and collaborations with TV companies and become regular guest on TV shows on TFM. Killimane Couture have become household name and now partnering with Mamos TV. Read More

Like før nyttår ble Neneh Bojang hedret av det gambiske miljøet i London. Foto: voiceoutdigital.com Vil bli Norges svar på Oprah. Norsk-gambiske Neneh Bojang har store talk-showplaner på gang. Før nyttår ble hun æret med pris og festivitas i det gambiske miljøet i London. Claudio Castello from claudio.castello@utrop.no

Read more

nternational Women's Day 2016.I dedicate this years International Women's day to all the Boys & Men of the Diaspora & Africa. My dream is to have as many men and boys as possible to Join NENEH , Iac Norway , MamosTV , Freedom Radio & RIA Money Transfer and become advocates of Gender Equality . Feminism by definition is: “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” Read more

Written by Whats on Gambia.

If you’re an active Facebook user, you’ve definitely seen a post by Neneh Bojang. She is arguably the most admired Gambian woman online with more than 15,000 active Facebook followers, putting her in command of a population that exceeds Daily Observer’s readership base. Based in Oslo, Norway, Neneh is a gender and political activist. She is the presenter of NENEH, a talk show on Mamos TV that is gaining popularity among Gambians in the diaspora.

Read more


3/8/16 was International Women’s Day and we all reacted very positively about empowering each other. We celebrated each other. We uplifted each other’s spirit. That felt good, right? Why can’t we TRY (with emphasis on the word “try”) to do this year round? Well, we can IF WE TAKE A PLEDGE: Read more

A night with The Noble Prince Of The Manding Empire & Mamos TV Manding Morry. Debut performance in Oslo ‪#‎7May2016‬# Event dedicated to : Sheriffo K Touray (Oslo) Chief Guests of Honor : Ajaratous Neneh Bah, Fatou Dampha , Samatanding Jabe & Mbinkngding Fofana Manneh. Patrons : Binta Dampha & Nyima Jadama Conteh. Red Carpet Entrance to be covered by NENEH.

Happy New Year Everyone✨💫✨✨✨💫

I was awarded the 2015 TV Presenter of The Year Award at the Interface Gambia TV awards.I thank the Almighty Allah for this blessing and dedicate it to my beloved mother Fatoumatta Sabally who passed away in 2015.I thank my Amazing Husband Kejau Touray for his relentless support.I thank the CEO's of MAMOS TV Yanks Dabo and Especially Lamin Marong who is also the producer of NENEH The Talk Show. Read more


PRESENTS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EUROPE AWARD WINN in law Abraham Touray who launched The Gambia Campaign and all those who voted and campaigned. Special thanks to the members at Iac Norway. My love to my big brother Alhagie Njie & Big sister Nyima Jadama for always holding my hand through the process! We have now entered 2016 a new Chapter in our lives ,waiting to be written.May All your troubles vanish in thin air.May each of you reach out to great glories and achieve all your heart desires.May 2016 be filled with only love, good health , harmony, wealth and peace for each and everyone one of us!


MAMOS TV MEDIA PLATFORM & NENEH will like to welcome to the MAMOS FAMILY a Professional Makeup Artist Shamim Mohamed.Shamim has studied Screen and Film makeup and has worked in the Film and Entertainment Business for several years.NENEH will personally like to thank Mam Jatou & Philo for their support in 2015 & will continue to work with them when the need arises.


Cerebrate Africa Award 2015 Denmark

MAMOS TV celebrating success at MAMOS TV. The Celebrate Africa 2015 Awards ceremony will be brought to our wonderful viewers on New Years Day @ Prime Time on the MAMOS MEDIA.

NENEH on MAMOS TV #Episode2#Season2#

The #Nr1##HEFORSHE# statement of January 2016 is undoubtedly that of Honourable Lawyer Darboe's "Gambia Is Ready For A Female President".

The United Democratic Party (UDP) Gambian Opposition Leader & Human Rights Lawyer was interviewed this evening @ his Banjul Office in The Gambia, to elaborate on his recent statement, The plight of Gambian Women, Polygamy and much more by NENEH on The MAMOS TV MEDIA PLATFORM. Definitely the TV Interview of the Month by all means!✨🌟💫💫💫💫💫


New to MAMOS TV in 2016 is the newest and rawest talent coming out of the Smily Coast of West Africa -The Gambia ; The brand new TV Program called ON DA SPOT produced by Sky Blue.Subscribe to MAMOS TV NOW !The Only Diaspora Owned Media Platform bringing you 24/7 Entertainment✨

Lamin Marong" You are the best Producer /CEO in the world .Sincere Thanks to Yanks Dabo too. Thanks for all that you do for NENEH THE TALK Show. —celebrating success with Yanks Dabo in London, United Kingdom




Manding Morry to embark on a European Tour

Entertainment Observer Light Mar 23, 2016 74

By Modou Lamin Jammeh















The leading Afro-Manding artiste, Manding Morry, has confirmed that he would be embarking on a tour of continental Europe, as he sets his sights to promoting Gambian culture beyond Africa.

Manding Morry, who is a Joluv Arts signed-Artiste, and named after birth as Haruna Touray, made this disclosure in an interview with Observer Light.

Revealing that the tour is a one-year promotional partnership project between him and MAMOS TV in Norway, he pointed out that the tour will kick off on 7th of May 2016 in Oslo, Norway.


The tour, which is planned to have live concerts, would also take Manding Morry to Nottingham in the UK, Stockholm, Sweden, where he will partake in the annual Gambia Cultural week.


“More countries and dates will later be revealed, as arrangements are still going on”, said Manding Morry.


According to him, he has recently concluded a song, which will be shown on the Neneh MAMOS Media TV show. “I’m launching a new Album towards the ending of this project”, he revealed.

– Sammen med det uavhengige produksjonsselskapet Mamos TV har vi filmet siden januar 2015. Nå står vi klare med et par pilotepisoder. Så vi krysser fingrene for at det finnes tv-kanaler der ute som er interesserte.

– Hva blir formatet? Blir det høy temperatur og heftige diskusjoner mellom deltakerne? Read more

Manding Morry Live Performancet in Oslo 7th May


The World's Nr. 1 Afro Manding Rapper /Songwriter /Artist & ‪#‎HeforShe‬ Activist , The Noble Prince of The Manding Empire & MamosTV Manding Morry debut performance in Sweden for the EID Concert of the Year is set !!🌟✨💫💯🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

‪#‎Dokuwolom‬# #‎Göteborg‬,Sweden. #‎Live‬ Band #‎Full‬ MamosTV Coverage #09/07/2016 @ Gambian hall Vagnmakaregatan 8 utby Gate opens at 10pm Tickets 150kr

‪#‎Goudi‬ Penthioum Solou

KILIMANE Au Couture Promo Video

Futureing runway model Kaddy Sabally.

Manding Morry Tour

A night with The Noble Prince Of The Manding Empire & MamosTV Manding Morry. Debut performance in Oslo ‪#‎7May2016‬# Event dedicated to : Sheriffo K Touray (Oslo) Chief Guests of Honor : Ajaratous Neneh Bah, Fatou Dampha , Samatanding Jabe & Mbinkngding Fofana Manneh. Patrons : Binta Dampha & Nyima Jadama Conteh. Red Carpet Entrance to be covered by NENEH.

Women's Hour.

Age Differences in Relationships !

A male listener wrote:

"My Brother got married to a White European woman who is much older than him & our whole family embraced them & accepted the marriage .

A year later I got married to a fellow Gambian who is also much older than me. My family have refused to accept our marriage , we are Even abused regularly. I need to know what the Difference is BTW the two marriages"

Join NENEH , our special guest Inger- Lise Lien, Fatou Jobe, Aji Njie, Sadio Bayo, Seedy Ceesay & Imam Dibba for a v interesting discussion on Women's Hour. Read more


Neneh, filmet sammen med en rekke gjester i en av pilotepisodene som skal selges videre til et tv-selskap. Foto: Mamos TV

I lengre tid har Bojang vært en ledende likestillingsaktivist blant norsk-afrikanere. Nå vil hun ta engasjementet enda et skritt videre med Vi skal ta opp temaer på et unikt vis, både ved å underholde inspirere og lære, er tonen fra produksjonsansvarlig i Mamos TV, Lamin Marong. Foto: Mamos TV. Neneh The Talk Show.



NENEH on the MAMOS MEDIA PLATFORM is brought to you by RIA Money Transfer. The fastest & most reliable money transfer service catering to the needs of a vibrant emerging affluent Africa . We @ NENEH are grateful for the trust bestowed on us by the worlds 2nd largest Money Transfer Company RIA .We want to thank the management of RIA , Jorge Ibarraran Viniegra, Ndey Jobarteh & Hadil Abudayya for this opportunity. More Sponsors are also Welcome ;


The Noble Prince Of The Manding Empire & MamosTV ‪#‎HeforShe‬#Activist Manding Morry (Haruna Touray) has successfully completed a brief promo/ consultation in Oslo Norway ahead of his upcoming concert on the 07May2015.Manding Morry met with The CEO of Mamostv Lamin Marong ,Talk Show host NENEH, MamosTV supporter Inger Lise Lien ,his supporting artists Chadia, K - Cee Aliou Cham ,Yusupha Dampha & master of the ceremony Gibou Ngum , the Queen of the event Sheriffo K Touray ,Fatou M Jobe,Patron & hostess Nyima Jadama Conteh, his personal security Salif Conteh the talented youths of Iac Norway & Binta Bojang Touray.

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